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Active Worlds 5.1

Activeworlds offers a complete range of user, client, server

Active Worlds is a 3D virtual platform. The original Active Worlds has been running since 1995; however, it has obviously been updated. The program allows you to explore 3D virtual worlds. These can be user-made or developer-made environments. First, you set up your basic avatar with which people will recognize you, and then you enter in a world which is the link between several other worlds. In some ways, this resembles Second Life, however there are many capabilities in the program. The original intention was to make Active Worlds the 3D equivalent of a 2D browser. Users can create their worlds, which have several capabilities, like web browsing, voice chat and instant messaging. For example, a person can build a game lodge with pool tables. When the users click on the pool table, they can browse a pool game online which they can play together. Active worlds is still pretty much alive today. It provides a free access to all users. However, privileged users or citizens have access to different areas. To be a Citizen you should pay around 6.95 every month. Nevertheless, you can try this virtual environment first and see if you like it.

Ismael Mireles
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  • Huge amount of worlds


  • Dated Graphics
  • No physics engine
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